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Divorce and Mental Health

In the course of many divorce cases sometimes one spouse develops issues that affect their psychological functioning. The causes can range from prior undiagnosed mental health issues to sudden changes in mental health due to illness, substance abuse, or injury, such as head trauma. In these kinds of divorce cases, the complexity involved in tryingContinue reading “Divorce and Mental Health”

Divorce during the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people suddenly found themselves under stay-at-home orders.  For many people that meant that in marriages which had relationship tensions prior to the pandemic, found themselves being pushed further to make decisions about the course of those marriages.   Where attempts to resolve marital problems have failed, man people found themselves unableContinue reading “Divorce during the Pandemic”


Many times, when client initially meet with an attorney, they reveal that in the relationship that is headed for a divorce, legal separation, or an allocation of parental responsibilities, that there have been incidents of domestic abuse, domestic violence.   This abuse can be physical or emotional, and victims are not just women, but men areContinue reading “DIVORCE SAFETY ISSUES”