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Child Custody and Schools

In the course of many custody cases, the initial determination of the issues resolving children, especially younger children, who aren’t yet in school, may seem complete, but in few years, problems can arise when it comes to school registration. In Colorado, you can designate the parent whose address will be used for school registration and attendance for school.  However, even if such an agreement is made at the time of the initial determination of parental responsibilities, the passing of time can create many unexpected changes and considerations regarding school attendance issues. What if one parent moves and it changes the geographical ties with the other parent in such a way that the non-moving parent is no longer able to transport children to and from school? What if the move by the parent whose address is used for school registration is now in a school district that is not as highly rated as the one which the parties intended for the children? What if both parents move and the parent whose address isn’t used for school registration is now in a better school district than the parent whose address was designated for school registration? These are questions that must be thought of at the early stages of a case, during the planning and setting of strategic objectives. Thomas Law Group P.C. stands ready to use foresight and planning to avoid the possibility that over time, agreements regarding school registration won’t become points of litigation between the parties.


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Family law matters are rarely clear-cut issues. Whether you’re filing for divorce or beginning your child custody case. Feel secure about your legal matters by hiring Thomas Law Group, P.C. in Denver, Colorado.

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